Compact Float

Cortland’s Compact Float features a full floating short, compact, aggressive head design that loads deep and shoots an extreme amount of line with minimal false casts.

- Loads Quick
- Powerful Taper
- Slick and Supple

WATER: Freshwater / Saltwater
LINE: Floating
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 100ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament
SPECIES: Bass / Salmon / Steelhead / Trout / Pike / Musky / Striped Bass / False Albacore / Bluefish

Size 7/8WT - 275 GR

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International deliveries can take up to 7 - 18 days.

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P65 - WARNING: Cancer and
Reproductive Harm -

Compact Float Breakdown

The Compact Float was designed for throwing large flies for a variety of species in variable conditions.

We designed this line with an overly aggressive head featuring a short 20 ft. body. The compact body paired with a short 3 ft. front taper easily turns over large air resistant flies in heavy wind. The short 3 ft. back taper helps load this line quickly with minimal false casting.

This dual colored line features a braided nylon core with our signature Shooting Technology to keep your line remaining slick, supple and fast shooting. The green and yellow color combination distinguishes taper change and identifies loading point.

The Compact Float is one of our most versatile lines for a variety of species. Never lose shots at fish again due to high winds or varying conditions.

SPECIES: Bass / Salmon / Steelhead / Trout / Pike / Musky / Striped Bass / False Albacore / Bluefish

Freshwater / Saltwater Floating Weight Forward Braided Nylon Multifilament

WF 6/7 240 gr. 26 ft. 100 ft.
WF 7/8 275 gr. 26 ft. 100 ft.
WF 8/9 310 gr. 26 ft. 100 ft.
WF 9/10 350 gr. 26 ft. 100 ft.
WF 11/12 425 gr. 26 ft. 100 ft.
WF 12+ 500 gr. 26 ft. 100 ft.


Dual Welded Loops Technology Icon

Welded loops make rigging fast, easy and reliable. Cortland loops are strong, secure and durable.

Shooting Technology Icon

ST coating delivers a reduced-friction performance with a glass-smooth finish and remains a key element in line slickness over its life span.

Heat-Tempered Surface Treatment Technology Icon

A proccess that incorporates extreme slickness additives. Seals out dirt and oils while maintaining an exceptionally low friction coeffecient.

Cold Temperature Technology Icon

Ideal use in 30-50 degree (F) temperatures.

Warm Temperature Technology Icon

Ideal use in 50 - 70 degree (F) temperatures.


Our Compact Float fly line is built for both cold and warm water environments and will perform best in temperatures between 30 and 70 degrees (F).

The taper design for our Compact Float was built overly aggressive to cast large flies, punch through wind and deliver flies where they need to go despite the conditions. The short body and short rear taper allows for minimal false casts while achieving maximum distance. The short front taper will turn over any large fly or weighted pattern with ease. This line is built overweighted for quick loading and fast shooting.

The green and yellow color combination distinguishes taper change and proper loading point. These colors are stealthy yet traceable in freshwater environments.

Cleaning your fly line is very important especially when fishing saltwater. Simply pull line off your reel into a clean bucket or tub of freshwater. Put roughly 1oz or more of Cortland’s Line Cleaner solution onto a clean rag or towel. Firmly squeeze the towel with Pro Line Cleaner around the line and slowly pull line through the towel. You should be able to see dirt or discolored streaks on the towel when finished.

Learn more about Cortland's Fly Line Cleaner Lubricant & Pads.

Hover: Neutral
Slow Intermediate: 1 IPS (Inches Per Second) 
Medium Intermediate: 1.5 - 2 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Fast Intermediate: 2 - 3 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 3 Sink Rate: 3 - 4 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 4 Sink Rate: 4 - 5 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 5 Sink Rate: 5 - 6 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 6 Sink Rate: 6 - 7 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 7 Sink Rate: 7 - 8 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 9 Sink Rate: 9+ IPS (Inches Per Second)