Specialty Series Fly Lines

Specialty Series Fly Lines


Specialty series fly lines are built for a variety of species in precise weight ranges and densities.

The Specialty Series Freshwater Fly Lines offer unique tapers, densities, and shapes

Fly fishing is often characterized as artistic and creative. It makes sense. Fly anglers, whether they stand waist deep in crashing surf, on the banks of their local kids pond, or in the hull of their heirloom family canoe, use motion, rhythm, and a loaded rod to create casts that captivate even the most reluctant eyes. So why not add another layer to your creativity? Often overlooked as an essential component of a fly cast, fly lines can be used to alter casting distance and accuracy as well as presentation, fly action, and water-column location. At Cortland Line Company, we have decided to open up our own “box of paints” to you. Try our pike fly lines like the Specialty Series Pike Musky Sink 4. Hunting some steelhead in the pacific northwest? Attach our Salmon Steelhead Line to make longer, more accurate roll casts and delicate mends. Your forearm will thank you when you get back to camp. Sink your fly deep with our Quick Descent lines. The fifteen foot or twenty four foot sinking tips range in density from 200gr to 300gr with plenty of running line to fuel a respectful fight with that giant musky from a distance. Whether you are looking to recreate your cast completely or give it that extra bit of love, the Cortland Specialty Series Freshwater Fly Lines are for you.

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At Cortland Line Company we share a passion for everything fly fishing. We specialize in fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and offer other products including leaders, tippet, rods and reels. We are passionate about the sport and offer over 100 years of refined experience both designing and manufacturing  the world’s top fly line and braided fishing line. As techniques progress we remain focused on growing our technology for innovative new angler adventures. Our dedication over the last century compels us to continue pushing the limits of fly lines and propel the progression of fly fishing forward. All our lines are made in the USA at our premier location in Cortland, New York. We are a groundbreaking pioneer within the fly fishing industry, with many of our cultivated technologies continuing to shape fly line development. If you have questions about our elite fly lines, or anything fishing related, stop by and see us - we love to talk about all things fishing. We look forward to seeing you out on the water.