Cold Salt Series Fly Lines

A man standing on his boat, while overlooking the sunset

Fly lines for the coldest, harshest saltwater conditions

Our Cold Salt Series lines provide the coastal fly angler with the lines necessary to cast large flies into the stinging, sharp winds that ride with the currents of the Atlantic. Saltwater is a menacing teammate. It breaks down the integrity of your fly line. Barnacle covered rocks eat away at the outer coating, which in turn affects castability. Fish, grit, relentless currents and tides, the ocean is no welcoming environment for us. And that’s why we do it. The payoff is even more meaningful, even more impactful. These fly lines are designed to handle the abuse of the coldest saltwater so that you don’t have to. Striped bass and redfish both require specific tapers, densities, and shapes to best coordinate with the elements. So, we’ve created floating, intermediate, and sinking lines to break down each level of the water column. Whatever lurks down there, rest assured that our Cold Salt Series Lines will keep you on the water longer.

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At Cortland Line Company we share a passion for everything fly fishing. We specialize in fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and offer other products including leaders, tippet, rods and reels. We are passionate about the sport and offer over 100 years of refined experience both designing and manufacturing the world’s top fly line and braided fishing line. As techniques progress we remain focused on growing our technology for innovative new angler adventures. Our dedication over the last century compels us to continue pushing the limits of fly lines and propel the progression of fly fishing forward. All our lines are made in the USA at our premier location in Cortland, New York. We are a groundbreaking pioneer within the fly fishing industry, with many of our cultivated technologies continuing to shape fly line development. If you have questions about our elite fly lines, or anything fishing related, stop by and see us - we love to talk about all things fishing. We look forward to seeing you out on the water.