Fairplay Fishing

Fairplay Fishing

Fairplay products were first introduced by Cortland Line Company in 1927. That’s 90 years of putting quality fly fishing gear in the hands of anglers at a FAIR PRICE. Cortland is committed to offering anglers the opportunity to have the fly fishing experience at an incredible value.

The full Fairplay lineup provides products that are designed for function and durability. The Fly Lines, Leaders and Tippet are appreciated by the most experienced fisherman. Our Fairplay Series Outfits are perfect for that extra combo you might pack for a spare, the beginning fly fisher, or for a weekend on the water with a family member.

Introducing a Budget Friendly Series

How to Get Started Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing on a Budget

When people hear the term “Fly Fishing” it often gets portrayed as an elite sport. Although it has this reputation, there are many ways to get your entry into the...

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