Freshwater Fly Lines

High Performance Through Innovation

Cortland Freshwater Fly Lines are built for a variety of freshwater environments using advanced coating materials.

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Saltwater Fly Lines

Own the Salt

Cortland Saltwater Fly Lines are developed for the toughest environments using advanced coatings and line technology.

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Conventional Fishing Lines

Line You Can Trust

Cortland Super Braid is braided with premium gel spun spectra fibers for unmatched sensitivity and line handling.

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Honson Lau Explains Targeting Bonefish, Tarpon and Why He Doesn’t Prefer Wade Fishing - Hooked EP2

Capt. Honson Lau grew up native to Miami and the upper Florida Keys and has been fishing these waters since the early 90s. His guiding career started in 2009 though...

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Stillwater: Fly Fishing’s Hidden Gem

Stillwater: Fly Fishing’s Hidden Gem

Article Written by John Easdon. Article Read Time: 5 Minutes One of the most common things I have heard working in a fly shop over the last...

Making a Difference with The Mayfly Project

Making a Difference with The Mayfly Project

The Mayfly Project (TMP) was founded on the core belief that wherever you are in the world, if you can find a river and a...

Fly Rod, reel, and Clear Intermediate Fly Line Box

Neutral Density Fly Lines Explained with Chico Fernández

Article Written by Chico Fernández. Article Read Time: 5 Minutes The neutral density fly line or Intermediate line, as it is more commonly referred, is...

A man is kneeling down on his bloat and going through various fly fishing lures

Fishing your Musky Fly

Article Written by Mark Burns (Urban Fly Co.).  Article Read Time: 3 Minutes Fishing your fly. Yeah, I know that may seem pretty straight forward but...

Someone is holding onto the tail of a rainbow trout that is caught in a net

Crowley Lake: The Crown Jewel of the Eastern Sierra

Article Written by Ernie Gulley. Article Read Time: 5 Minutes If you are looking for some of the best trout fishing in the Eastern Sierra,...

Navigating the Everglades: Essential Tips for Safety and Communication

Navigating the Everglades: Essential Tips for Safety and Communication

Article Written by Gavin Griffin. Article Read Time: 4 Minutes When I first received an invitation to explore the Everglades not long ago, the prospect...

Trout Series Fly Lines

Technical Tapers for precise presentations.

Liquid Crystal Series

The Search for Silver

Master Braid

The Most Consistent Performing Super Braid

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