Discover Our Selection of Rods and Reels at Cortland Line Company

We offer a variety of fly rods made with precision engineering and adaptability. Our European Style Nymphing rods, ranging from 10’ to 11’ and 2wt to 4w. The Nymph and Competition MKII series are designed to give you optimum line control and also the ability to play large fish on light tippett. Our MKII series also comes in a 7wt and 8wt model designed for large water, lake and streamer fishing scenarios. Need a reel to complete your setup? Our Crown series reel mid arbor disc drag is versatile and works well with any of our rods. No matter where your adventures take you, we can outfit your experience from rod to reel at Cortland Line Company.

Find the Best Fly Fishing Inventory at Cortland Line Company

At Cortland Line Company we share a passion for everything fly fishing. We specialize in fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and offer other products including leaders, tippet, rods and reels. We are passionate about the sport and offer over 100 years of refined experience both designing and manufacturing the world’s top fly line and braided fishing line. As techniques progress we remain focused on growing our technology for innovative new angler adventures. Our dedication over the last century compels us to continue pushing the limits of fly lines and propel the progression of fly fishing forward. All our lines are made in the USA at our premier location in Cortland, New York. We are a groundbreaking pioneer within the fly fishing industry, with many of our cultivated technologies continuing to shape fly line development. If you have questions about our elite fly lines, or anything fishing related, stop by and see us - we love to talk about all things fishing. We look forward to seeing you out on the water.