Trout Boss Double Taper

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Trout Boss Double Taper features an aggressive front taper that loads quickly for short range delivery. Long level body is ideal for roll casting at greater distances.

- Aggressive Front Taper
- Easy Mending
- High Floating

WATER: Freshwater
LINE:  Floating
TAPER: Double Taper
LENGTH: 80ft / 90ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament
SPECIES: Trout / Grayling

Size DT 2

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 P65 - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Freshwater Floating Double Taper Braided Nylon Multifilament

DT 2 100 gr. 80 ft.
DT 3 120 gr. 80 ft.
DT 4 140 gr. 90 ft.
DT 5 160 gr. 90 ft.
DT 6 185 gr. 90 ft.

Trout Boss Double Taper Breakdown

From tiny spring creeks, to large rivers, the Trout Boss DT will handle every fishing scenario. We developed this line for the anglers that prefer the feel, drift and cast-ability of a double tapered fly line.

The Trout Boss Double Taper excels in multiple techniques including indicator fishing, casting dry flies or throwing small streamers. Our Trout Boss DT is built a full line size heavy to match fast modern action rods, generating maximum loading power on roll casts.

The Heat Tempered Surface (HTX) coating seals out dirt and particles that can hinge your shooting ability. The HTX coating keeps your line floating high day in and out. This line will perform at the highest level all winter and summer long. This line is finished in three colors, allowing you to choose between a Hi-Vis orange head or a more subtle moss green head presentation.

If you are looking for a rock solid, all around trout line, the Trout Boss DT will make your time on the water more efficient and effective.

SPECIES: Trout / Grayling / Steelhead



Welded loops make rigging fast, easy and reliable. Cortland loops are strong, secure and durable.


ST coating delivers a reduced-friction performance with a glass-smooth finish and remains a key element in line slickness over its life span.


A process that incorporates extreme slickness additives. Seals out dirt and oils while maintaining an exceptionally low friction coefficient.


Ideal use in 30-50 degree (F) temperatures.


Ideal use in 50 - 70 degree (F) temperatures.

Trout Boss Double Taper

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Our Trout Boss DT is built for cold water environments and will perform best in temperatures between 30 and 70 degrees (F). Our HTX coating locks out dirt and grime while remaining slick and supple in the coldest conditions.

The taper design for our Trout Boss DT was built aggresive to effortlessly turn over nymph rigs, small streamers and long leaders paired with dry flies. The exteneded body and shorter front taper gives superior roll casting and mending ability.

This line is three colors, allowing you to choose between a high vis orange head or a more subtle moss green head presentation.

Cleaning your fly line is very important especially when fishing saltwater. Simply pull line off your reel into a clean bucket or tub of freshwater. Put roughly 1oz or more of Cortland’s Line Cleaner solution onto a clean rag or towel. Firmly squeeze the towel with Pro Line Cleaner around the line and slowly pull line through the towel. You should be able to see dirt or discolored streaks on the towel when finished.

Learn more about Cortland's Fly Line Cleaner Lubricant & Pads.