Livewell Net

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The Cortland Fairplay Livewell Net will allow you to catch more fish on your next trip. This versatile and compact net is made with a sturdy black mesh that is tightly woven. Its small square size allows you to safely remove fish or bait from your livewell as well as land fish from the water. The Livewell Net has an elastic lanyard to prevent the chance of it slipping out of your grasp. The same cord can be used to hang the tool up between uses for easy access. Designed for fresh or saltwater use, this net works well for those who are fly-fishing and equally well for those who are on the shore or in a boat.

- Sturdy aluminum handle with nonslip grip
- Soft Black woven mesh netting
- Small squared edges to easily access livewell's
- Species: Trout, may target many others
- Freshwater & Saltwater
- Net Size: 17.2" x 8"

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 P65 - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm