Honson Lau Explains Targeting Bonefish, Tarpon and Why He Doesn’t Prefer Wade Fishing - Hooked EP2

Capt. Honson Lau grew up native to Miami and the upper Florida Keys and has been fishing these waters since the early 90s. His guiding career started in 2009 though poling a skiff goes beyond a career. It is how the captain prefers to spend his days both on and off the job. Honson has spent a number of years fishing all over Florida but Miami and Islamorada are where he calls home. Capt. Honson’s obsession and overly analytical approach to this fishery, has afforded him the opportunity to partner with some of the best in the fishing industry to help in the development of the latest and greatest products.

In this podcast, we discuss where Honson’s passion for Southern Florida Fisheries began as well as how he developed his own techniques, flies and styles for targeting large Tarpon and elusive South Florida Bonefish. 

Follow Honson Lau and his adventures in southern Florida.
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- @tarponwt
Website - https://anycreek.com

Products mentioned in this podcast
Liquid Crystal Series Fly Lines
Master Braid
Monofilament Nylon Leader Material
Fluorocarbon Leader Material

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