Captain Matt Perachio Talks About Catching Giant Bluefin Tuna with Tighten Up Charters CC - Hooked EP5

Matt Perachio is a well well-known charter captain out of Cape Cod, MA and has over 25 years of experience fishing these waters. His specialties include fishing for Bluefin Tuna, Striped Bass and Bluefish. He is well known for his work ethic, his unique sixth sense in locating fish, getting out early/staying out late, and his overall passion for the sport.

In this podcast, we talk about Matt Perachio’s passion for Tuna fishing in Cape Cod and what it means to him to get people on their fish of a lifetime. Find out how Matt started his charter captain career, his personal favorite techniques for targeting Tuna and why he uses the best hollow core braid in the world.

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Products mentioned in this podcast
C16 Spliceable Hollow Core Braid
Master Braid
Monofilament Nylon Leader Material
Fluorocarbon Leader Material

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