Q&A with MLF Pro Fred Roumbanis

Q&A with MLF Pro Fred Roumbanis

Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis is a Major League Fishing Professional Tournament Angler originally from California that now resides in Arkansas. He has racked up some impressive accomplishments over the years including four total wins and 28 top 10 finishes in MLF tournaments. He is one of the most knowledgeable swimbait and frogging anglers in the world. He has his own frog designed by Stanford Baits and is a Cortland Line Pro Angler. In this interview, we got a chance to sit down with Fred and pick his brain about his history, tournament fishing and his goals for the future. 

1. Where are you from?

I currently live near the shores of Lake Dardanelle, AR a pool of the Arkansas River. I grew up in California fishing mostly the Delta, Shasta, and Clear Lake. I then moved to Oklahoma for 9 years before moving to Arkansas.

2. Who are you fishing Heroes?

My fishing Heroes would have to be the Legends like Bill Dance, Hank Parker, and Rick Clunn.

3. How did you get started in Bass Fishing?

I grew up in the East Bay of San Francisco, a BMX ride to Lafayette Reservoir where I spent most of my childhood fishing the banks and pretty much taught myself how to fish.

4. What moment helped launch your career?

The moment that launched my Career was definitely when I was at my lowest almost crashing point when I won a FLW Everstart event in Lacrosse Wisconsin back in 2005.  I was almost forced to quit chasing this almost impossible dream from completely running out of funds and my boat at the time falling apart.  That win changed everything! The next four months I went on a heck of a run winning over 100K and qualifying to hitch the FLW Tour and Bassmaster Elite Series.  

5. PB Bass?

My PB - Personal Best bass was one I caught in a tournament on the California Delta back in 2003 it was a 13lber that anchored a 37lb bag winning big bass honors and the tournament.  

6. Why do you choose Cortland Line?

I love Cortland line for many reasons. The line is absolutely flawless and has the most incredible impact strength holding up to the hardest of hooksets. I love the smoothness of its castability and how it give my lures the best action. And of course the history and heritage of a USA company. 

7. What is your biggest goal for 2024?

My biggest goal for 2024 is to qualify for the 2025 REDCREST Championship. Along with taking home another Gold medal for the USA Bass Team in Italy.

8. Favorite Technique and why?

My favorite technique has got to be throwing a topwater frog. There is nothing like watching a bass explode on topwater. 

9. What are your thoughts on Forward Facing Sonar?

I’m a fan of FFS it’s another tool to help catch bass.  It’s great for our industry with the development of new lures and techniques.  Sure it helps people find and catch fish but there are ways to be better than most if you pay close attention.  I’ve been working hard this offseason to dial in some extremely creative ways of catching them utilizing this technology that I believe will help this year.  

10. When do you choose Braid over Fluoro?

I have braid on all my spinning rods 8-10 lb Master Braid with a fluorocarbon leader. This helps me make extremely long casts, sinks quicker, and less line tangled. With my baitcast and power fishing so use braid on all topwaters, most wakebaits, swim jigs, and flipping.  If I’m using a boat to make contact with the bottom I use braid as well but usually add a fluorocarbon leader.  

11. What is your line setup for Spinning Reels and for Baitcasters?

Spinning Reels, 8-10 lb Masterbraid usually in a bright color for my vision then I add a 5-8ft leader of 6-12 lb fluorocarbon. With my baitcasters I use 30-65 lb Masterbraid depending on techniques. 30 lb for most treble hook topwaters, 40 lb for swim jigs , 60-65 lb for my Boom Boom Frog. 

12. Where did the Boom Boom come from?

My nickname “Boom Boom” actually came from the media back in 2007. Harold Allen and Mark Jeffreys of the BassZone started calling me it before I won the Elite Major on High Rock Lake and it stuck. They picked me to win as a dark horse and called me Boom Boom out goes the lights!

13. What is the biggest mistake anglers make who are just getting into tournament fishing?

The biggest mistakes I see anglers doing as they get in this sport is chasing information. Sure they may get a lead that might do them good in an event but that is short lived. You must spend time on the water and really understand everything from conditions to bass behaviors or you will not last in this sport. There is no substitute for time on the water. Ultimately you’ll make way better spur of the moment decisions. Create instincts and wisdom over information. 

14. Do you have any superstitions?

As far as Superstions not really. I try not to bring bananas on the boat is all. And I guess catching a bass on the first cast is usually not good. 

15. What is your favorite Frog setup?

My favorite frog set up is a 7 2”- 7 4” Medium Heavy Phenix paired with a Shimano Curado 7.3:1 

16. Favorite past time?

Favorite past time is definitely taking my family fishing.

17. Favorite on the water snack/lunch?

Favorite snack has got to be either Crockett Creek Beef Jerky (Honey Jalapeño) and or deer sausage from out latest harvest.  

18. What is your biggest accomplishment in fishing?

My biggest Accomplishment in fishing has got to be the 2006 Bassmaster Elite Major Title on Hogh Rock Lake. The field was the top 50 Anglers over a 2 season average and the prize was $250K. What made it so Special for me was the name of the Event; “The American”

19. What part of your job would surprise us the most?

I think most people would be surprised how good the Top Anglers really are. They flat out catch them everywhere, every time and how extremely difficult it is to stay at this level of competition for nearly 20 years. But what would suprise you the most is how much I truly do love to fish!

20. What is your ideal tournament preparation?

My ideal preparation for a tournament is all in being super organized from each bait to each rod and reel and most importantly fresh line.  

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