Pro Staff Highlight: Why Team Jaruco Chooses Cortland C-16

Pro Staff Highlight: Why Team Jaruco Chooses Cortland C-16

Jaruco is a 90' Jarrett Bay sportfishing boat that is widely recognized for its advanced build, using materials like Carbon Fiber and titanium in its structural components. The combination of lightweight, strong materials matched with advanced craftsmanship has made this boat the lightest and most advanced sportfishing boat in the 90' class. About 40,000 pounds lighter than anything in the same size.

Vessel Info:

Make: Jarrett Bay
Build Date: 2014-2017
Length: 90'
Beam: 22' 6"
Fuel Capacity: 4400g
Rod and reel setups: 44
Power: (2) MTU M96l 16V @ 2600h
Species Specialty: Sailfish, Blue and striped Marlin.
Most fished areas: Pacific coast from Coiba Ridge in Panama, to Mag Bay Mexico.
Favorite body to fish: Panama, especially Montuosa island.
Team Jaruco and the vessels owner are well known tournament fishermen around the world. They specialize in Sailfish, Blue Marlin and Striped Marlin. It is no surprise that the most advanced Sportfishing boat in the world trusts Cortland C-16 Hollow Core to get the job done. We were able to chat with Jaruco captain, Jimmy Brown on what their Sailfish / Marlin rigs look like and how Cortland C16 has helped them ensure these mighty fish make it to the boat every time.
When did you start fishing C16?
What made you want to try a new hollow core?
We were looking for a more refined and smoother braid option than what we were previously using.
What do you like about using C16?
It is easy to splice, smooth, and is extremely durable, even in the 40-60 lb. sizes. Utilizing a short top shot on top of braid backing allows us to easily replace small sections of line where necessary. The braid also has much less water resistance which reduces the amount of line belly you have when fighting a fish or when you are strung out in the turn. Spliced connections are the smoothest and strongest connections you can make. If we ever need to add braid to one of our reels, we can splice a new section and you would be hard pressed to find where the join is.

Marlin / Sailfish Rig: 

We fill our reels with 650 Yards of 60 lb. C16. We use 60 lb. on these sets as we use these reels both for Striped Marlin and Blue Marlin, The 60 lb. gives us a bit more durability when fishing Mag Bay, and a bit more strength when we fill the reels with a heavier top shot for Blue Marlin. We use a loop to loop / Catspaw connection on these reels when we are fishing striped marlin with a bimini twist in the backing and a bimini twist in the top shot. This allows us to have a bunch of pre rigged (bimini in both ends, and rigger position marked with sharpee) top shots on a spool to facilitate quicker re-spooling.

We remove our Striped Marlin top shot and splice in 140’ of 40 lb. mono when targeting Blue Marlin. The spliced connection creates a much smoother transition through the rod guides. When targeting Sailfish we utilize 40 lb. C16.

Jaruco has four key crew members that travel full time with the vessel, each with their own important responsibility. 


First Mate: James Hensen
Nationality: New Zealander
Core responsibilities: Tackle rigging, boat maintenance, watches on transit.
Stewardess / cook: Lotte Brown
Nationality: British
Core Responsibilities: Cooking, Cocktails, Interior maintenance, Accounts, Provisioning, Photography and videos. Watches on Transit.
Second Mate: Jack Worthington
Nationality: New Zealander
Core Responsibilities: Tackle Rigging, Boat Maintenance. Watches on Transit.

Captain: Jimmy Brown
Nationality: New Zelander
Core Responsabilites: General vessel operation, Logistics, Fishing, Mechanical maintenance.
To find out more about Juraco and its many adventures, check out their social media pages: 
To learn more about the vessel itself and Jarrett Bay Boatworks, check out their page here
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