Líneas de mosca Euro Nymph Series

Euro Nymph Series Fly Lines


Nuestras líneas Euro Nymph están construidas con un núcleo fuerte y sensible que permite una detección superior de golpes y al mismo tiempo reduce la flexión de la línea entre las guías. Con un revestimiento pulido en una variedad de formas cónicas, tamaños y colores.

Euro Nymph Series for the Modern Angler

Here at Cortland Line Company, we offer the best Euro Nymph lines on the market. The Euro Nymph Series features both mono core and braid core lines with the Hi-Vis options for added strike detection. Monofilament core lines have the advantage of easier casting and the most direct connection when setting into and fighting a fish. The advantages of braid core lines include more options to connect the leader to the line (super glue splice, micro loop, etc…) while also being less prone to coiling.  All of the lines within the Euro Nymph Series are built with a strong, yet sensitive core that aids in reducing line sag between your rods guides while allowing superior strike detection for the softest takes. Euro style fishing allows an angler to pick apart water while keeping your flies in the feeding zone to maximize strikes. Check out our Euro Nymph Series and take your game to the next level whether you are the newest member of the modern nymphing movement or looking to upgrade your current euro setup.

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